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Stewart Howe


Stewart is a Partner with HOWE Real Estate, he has worked in real estate since 2008 with experience serving as the Vice President of Real Estate and Public Affairs with Clear Channel Outdoor for their North Florida market. While at CCO, Stewart secured the market’s billboard lease portfolio, minimizing site lease expenses and developing new business opportunities; including the permitting and construction of organic digital assets in Jacksonville, FL. Stewart also coordinated and worked closely with a team of lobbying, public relations and legal firms to facilitate the deployment of digital technologies increasing annualized cash flow for CCO. Co-founding HOWE Real Estate in 2017, Stewart has since focused his efforts on helping clients build wealth in property assets and portfolios through brokerage and management services.

As a graduate of Virginia Wesleyan University ’07 in Virginia Beach, along with career stops in Chicago, New York City and Florida, Stewart is happy to be back home where he says “The grass is actually greener here!”

Stewart Howe
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