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Listing & Sales

Our ability to maximize available tools for listing services and to combine those with our active resources in local markets allow HOWE to be able to source top value for SALE listings. Our patience and our determination assure that Seller's realize full returns.

Site Selection

HOWE brokers develop location strategies based on analysis of  the local market, demographics, traffic study, supply chain, customer data, and additional factors. Using research and real time data to help you and your company secure the appropriate opportunities.


HOWE Management services are equipped to make your asset perform seamlessly from maintenance to finacial services. Commercial and Multi Family available.

Commercial Leasing

HOWE leasing services focus on building a relationship with the site and the landlord team to ensure the search for tenants is successful. We present all options and assist in selecting the optimal partner for each listing.


Through strategic partnerships and with industry knowledge, HOWE is aggressively pursuing development opportunities within multiple emerging markets.


HOWE operates a separate company that is a full service residential brokerage. Buying and Selling your next home with efficiency, privacy and professionalism.

Purchase & Acquisition

When looking to purchase and acquire commercial real estate assets, HOWE is uniquely positioned to help you secure your targets. Strategy combined with market knowledge will ensure we are able to have every opportunity to be prepared and in position for the purchase.


From site planning, development prep, leasing strategy, market assessments; to simply talking about your next commercial project; consulting with an expert from HOWE can help your business move in the right direction.

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